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Judging from one of her instagram pics and interviews at the avn where she dressed up as kitty summers from the john persons comics, I would say without a doubt mc bourbonnais is a size queen. She looks like she'd be a freak in the sheets


Hey that’s an excellent point, I totally forgot all about that, I was even there at that AEE last year too and saw her, however we did not get the opportunity to meet since everyone wanted time with her.  She was there with John, who I was actually there at that booth to meet.  I recall Marie also dressed up later that day as one of his nurse characters as well.  See my pic below, standing next to John whose seated working.  So now I think about it all in context, yeah, I bet she’s not only a size queen, but perhaps also a black cock slut, lol.  Makes even more sense.

Great reference Anon, someone out there has there Size Queen radar finely tuned, nice call hon!  Cheers :)

Jenny Summers by Zarius12